TRUE recovery means that you are addressing every aspect of your health and wellbeing including mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. It also means putting your life in order, including financially and otherwise, such as learning how to balance your checkbook or live within a budget.

While specialized treatment may be required for recovery from drugs or mental health problems – or both, true recovery is part of an overall sustainable recovery program that simply can’t be overlooked.

With this in mind, here is a collection of links that can help get you inspired, motivated and informed about different ideas that will help you along with your true recovery goals. (Please continue to follow your treatment provider’s suggestions and ask your doctor for further clarification if needed).

Here are 100 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy and Fit that will help you keep your brain active and vibrant for years to come.

Spirituality is a very personal thing. You might consider becoming more active with your religion if you are religious. Religion aside though, there are many ways to bolster your spiritual health. Service is one of the most important. Consider volunteering for your favorite cause and ask yourself the question, “Are there hidden benefits to becoming more generous?” Learn more about this in The Benefits of Generosity by Lisa Firestone, Psychology Expert.

What about Yoga for recovery? Find out all about how people have used yoga as part of their journey in recovery programs from serious addiction problems to a new life of well-being and emotional stability.

You are what you eat! Here are several articles that feature mood boosting diets:

As far as your financial health, The Seven Habits of Financially Successful People will give you some great ideas about how you can get on track to how to wisely managing your money.

Don’t forget to check out YouTube for a variety of videos to learn how to do yoga or learn some other type of exercise, get healthy new recipes, find guided meditations to relieve stress or other videos that will help you feel great.

When you are in TRUE recovery, you will be taking complete responsibility for your life and that offers a profound sense of freedom as you become successful in each of the five elements and in your lifestyle. Your self confidence will improve and you will be able to fully enjoy life in ways that may not have been possible before recovery.

If you need help, please reach out to others. Having accountability partners such as sponsors or trusted others can also help you create and reach goals.