6 Tips for Coping with a Loved One’s Addiction


People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often believe that their choices and behavior doesn’t hurt anyone but them. This belief is compounded when the addict is also depressed and believes that no one cares about them anyway. As someone who loves an addict, you know, of course, that addiction is incredibly painful even [...]

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What is TRUE Recovery?


TRUE recovery means that you are addressing every aspect of your health and wellbeing including mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. It also means putting your life in order, including financially and otherwise, such as learning how to balance your checkbook or live within a budget. While specialized treatment may be required for recovery from [...]

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List of All 12 Step Programs


AA – Alcoholics Anonymous AAA – All Addictions Anonymous ABA — Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous ACA or ACOA Adult Children of Alcoholics AL-ANON – for friends and family members of Alcoholics CA – Cocaine Anonymous CDA – Chemically Dependent Anonymous CEA – Compulsive Eaters Anonymous CLA – Clutterers Anonymous CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous CoDA [...]

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Signs You Might be a Codependent Parent


While everyone is susceptible to becoming codependent, parental codependency is more insidious due to the nature of the relationship. A parent can be codependent with their child(ren) even when the child is perfectly healthy. This codependence leads to failure of a child’s ability to fully thrive as a healthy, functional adult. This is because the [...]

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Are You Codependent?


There is a lot of confusion about codependency because there is a healthy level of interdependence and self-sacrifice in every close relationship. And at the same time, there is an unhealthy level of co-dependence. Determining which is which could be one of the most important things you do for you and your loved ones. You [...]

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What Does Detach With Love Mean?


Sometimes we have to create distance from those we love in order to protect ourselves. It is also the most loving thing you can when someone is on a downward spiral of self destruction from refusing to get help for a mental health and/or substance abuse problem. This is because it helps offer the gift [...]

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