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In Loving Memory of Joshua Morrow

Joshua L. MorrowHow can you tell a story that you never wanted to have to tell? There just aren’t words to convey the love we have for Josh or the mourning we experience today.

It would be wonderful to talk about what an incredible life Josh had while he was here, he certainly had some tremendously shining moments. He also had deep inner struggles that he would cover with a smiling face and say “I’m fine” even though he may of been far from it.

Everyone who met Josh seemed to immediately fall in love with him, from the counselors who worked with him over the years, to his many friends that he met along the way. We would commonly hear words such as “old soul”, funny, smart, helpful, and kind used to describe him. When Josh smiled, the whole world was a little warmer.

Josh’s journey through addiction started when he was six years old and was caught huffing a household cleaner. He said he saw it on a television show. From that point forward he would cycle through times of doing great, to times where it seemed there was nothing he wouldn’t do to pursue some sort of high.

Josh was one of the youngest children to ever go through in-patient treatment and he would continue to cycle through bouts of working hard on his recovery and making good choices, to giving up and not seeming to care what happened.

As he grew into a teenager, he had a tendency to isolate and there was a part within him that no one seemed to be able to reach. He was soon diagnosed with BipolarSchizophrenia with psychotic breaks and was prescribed many different types of medication.

Despite continued struggles, Josh also had many interests. He loved martial arts, reading and was an awesome baseball catcher through four seasons; he loved to cook, collect gemstones and to care for the pets. He also loved helping and was one of those kids who would ask you what he could do to help… quite rare!

In July, 2013, we were blessed to be able to spend a wonderful weekend with him when family was visiting from out of state. He was physically healthy and seemed to be happy and had hopeful plans of completing his GED and talked about cooking school in Pennsylvania.

Within a month, on the evening of August 23, 2013, we received the news that Josh had been found on a park bench. The coroner ruled his death an overdose. He just turned 18 years old.

What do you do with all the love that is left to give a child who is no longer with you? Well, for us, we intend to do everything we can to help other families and their loved ones find the happy ending that we wish could’ve been ours.

Joshua Lewis Morrow
July 28, 1995 – August 23, 2013